Who is this guy?

tommy-speroI could be snarky and tell you to just google me.

However though you will find info about me, you’ll also find alot of info about another Tommy Spero, who’s famous (or infamous depending on how you look at it) for having the distinction of being a mobster in the 70’s.

So here goes…

It’s always hard to talk about yourself… Alot easier to do it in the 3rd person, but that’s kinda weird, especially when this is my blog. So I’ll spare you that and briefly tell it like it is.

I’m a creative professional who’s been working in digital design and related areas since 1998. Seems like an eternity in internet years that’s for sure, even more so as I sit and type that year out.

Photo © Tracey Spero Photography

Anyway… my work in design began in my late 20’s as I struggled to find something to do with my life that was creative and I could make a good living at. Though I had gone to a specialized high school for art, I wasn’t driven initially to work in that field. My love was music and I pursued a career doing that but eventually wound up working a job I didnt love and had no direction.

In 1996, After a meeting a beautiful young photographer named Tracey at a Fire Island summer share,
everything changed. I was inspired to get back into the visual arts, so I enrolled in some courses and worked tirelessly to build my chops as a graphic designer. And yes, she took the photo you see here.

My career officially begin in 98, working in publishing and quickly moved into the web and interactive projects. I’ve gone on to work with some of the worlds biggst brands, major corporations and recording artists.

Today I run Soul NYC, a boutique digital agency that serves small and medium sized business as well as some of those bigger clients. We do great work for our clients regardless of size, and we strive to help them look better, market smarter, and grow their businesses.

I also have been working the last few years to spread knowledge and ideas about branding and digital marketing. I contribute regulary to several online and print publications, as well speak regularly to business groups and organizations.

Writing and speaking has been something that I discovered to truly love doing and this blog will serve as a platform for me to share more of what goes on in my head, what inspires me and what I just find to be cool and useful in this ever changing world of marketing and technology.

Most recently I am appearing on the Science Channel’s brand new show All-American Makers, premiering in January 2015.

Check it out!