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Time Is On My Side

Daylight savings time…

Much like all the chatter around New Years and making resolutions, I always hear a lot of banter when we have to “spring forward.”  Each year brings out complaints of lost sleep, forgetting to reset manual clocks, missed appointments or getting places late, and a general sense of being tired.

Amidst all this talk of losing an hour, I never seem to hear of any good ways to gain an hour back. I mean it’s only an hour right, and don’t we get it back in the fall anyway? Why isn’t anybody talking about how to use the extra hour then? Probably because most of us sleep through it, finally getting back what we lost in the spring.

So here’s a few thoughts to get back at least an hour on any given day, and with it, do something productive in the process.

Stay off Facebook or any other social media, just for one day.

I am very guilty of just mindlessly scrolling my feed, not even really reading. It’s a bad habit, and completely unproductive. Be in real life, with real experiences. You might gain more than an hour back.

Turn off your phone completely or leave it somewhere else in the house.

You’re not going to miss anything for an hour or three. Again, another habit, constantly checking and fidgeting with our phones. I’m also very guilty of this as is just about everyone I know.

Leave work email for work time.

Even just one day a week, resist the urge to check your work email when you get home. Obviously, you need to do this responsibly based on what might be going on at work. However, one day a week, there’s surely an opportunity to disconnect even if it’s for a few hours.

Though these all seem simple, the way that we have developed in the last decade or so into a “connected culture”, these are nearly impossible for some people, myself included. I just fell into the Facebook rabbit hole for a few minutes while writing this.

So this week, I’m making an effort with limiting Facebook, and I will focus on my writing in that extra time.

I’ll report back in later this week. What will you do to get your hour back? Please share!

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