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Saturday With Mike

Recently I spent the day with a friend, Mike, who is in a nursing home with the debilitating disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis, a chronic, inflammatory form of arthritis that mainly affects the spine and pelvis. Due to the severity of his condition, early misdiagnosis, poor treatment and complacency, he will likely be bed ridden for the rest of his life.

He turns 42 this week. Known to his friends as Fiji, Mike lived hard, played hard, and dreamed of being a rockstar. Thing is, he was always a rockstar to those who knew him, regardless of whether the world knew it. The picture attached to this post, is Fiji, doing what he did best, fronting his early 90’s band, Jam Sandwich. Ironically guitarist Mick Mars of Motley Crue, also suffers from the same disease.

I woke up this one Saturday morning thinking about him. Having not seen him in over a year,  I’ve been carrying around a lot of guilt about not going to visit.  It was time to make up time. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us. My emotions were all over the place, and I was really nervous to go.

How do I explain who I have been being all this time?

When I walked into his room, he saw me and said “Tommy Spero!” I said “No, it’s a ghost” and we both laughed.

Mike: “What do we say?”

Me: “We say nothing man.”

Mike: “Can we just hit restart?”

Me: “Yeah, Mike, lets do that.”

For the next 3 hours, we laughed, listened to some music, reminisced, laughed some more and cried a little. It was the best afternoon I have had in a long time. Simply just being there.

He is just excited and happy to hear what his friends are up to in the world. He was always a big dreamer, somewhat delusional at times, but a sweet and sensitive soul and a true rocker to the bone. Sounds like someone I know very well.

We were talking about a goal I had for this year, a big one. And I said, “Well I have about 11 months to get there” and he replied “That’s ALOT of time, IF you use it right.”

Yes it is, Mike.

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mike stacknick

2017-01-26 01:34:13 Reply

Mike canzone! Man its been years! Too long! I will get to see u my old friend. I know u can’t run around like u used to, all good man. I’m still crazy enuff for the both of us! Will cu sooner than later bro!! Stack

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