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My 2013 new years resolution is…

Not to have any resolutions.

I walked into a conversation last night at a New Years Eve party and was asked the question of the night, “What’s your New Years¬†Resolution?” I gave the answer above, and amazingly the couple we were talking to had just asked my wife the same question and she had given a very similar answer. I guess we are on the same page, though we hadn’t discussed it before. We both know it’s simply time to take action, to do more and talk less about it.

Every year billions of people resolve to make any number of sweeping changes to improve their lifestyle, their health, work or business. In the moment, its a fun thing to chat about at parties, or to write a blog post about. But the reality is, more times than not, it’s just talk, and we all talk a good game this time of year.

I may have wanted to make that list after Christmas last week, but I didnt. It’s usually a time when we all do some soul searching and think about what we’d like to achieve as we hit restart on January 1st, but something held me back. My own list has been steadily building the last few months, that I’ve woken up to every day. These are not just things that magically occurred to me on a whim in the spirit of the coming new year.

For the first time in a long time, I simply know in my gut what I need to do.

And I’m not telling you about it.

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2013-01-08 01:03:24 Reply

That was great, Tommy! You’re a very good writer! Hey, was that me who asked you that question? I think it was! Keep up the great work on your blog!! You’re inspiring me to write one, too!


    2013-01-08 01:07:45 Reply

    Thank you Iris. Glad that I could inspire you back!
    My second post came out of a conversation I had with Benny that night as well.

    If you’d like, you can subscribe right here on the blog.


2013-01-08 10:45:55 Reply

Hi! That is so true and I get it! Great start!

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