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In moments of inspiration, when an idea strikes us, one of the immediate reactions we have is to take complete ownership of it,  to protect it. We quickly do a search for the .com address and if available there is a sudden euphoria of, “No one has thought of this before me!” We’ll gobble every available variation, ,net and ,org included just to make sure we are covered. I’ve been guilty of this and have recently been able to purge a bunch of worthless domains by simply realizing I will never do anything with them.

Which brings me to my next point. Why bother putting so much energy into creating ideas, if one is unwilling or afraid to share them? Afraid of what? That it might catch on?

Sure you have to protect your intellectual property. More times than not though, that fear of it being stolen, the “mine all mine”
mentality, holds us back from ever giving the idea wings.

And me, these days, I just wanna fly….

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