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Me on TV – All American Makers

After receiving a very random call on my business line last year, I found myself 2 days later on set at a studio in Brooklyn shooting a brand new series for the Science Channel, called All-American Makers. I went on to shoot 4 of the 6 episodes in Season One.

As the resident Marketing and Branding Expert, they bring me in to evaluate a product from a marketing standpoint, and give my ideas on how it might do in the market, or how it could be tweaked to be better.

It was a cool experience and I am really excited. The show premiere’s tonight on The Science Channel at 10pm. Check it out.

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Tommy Spero
CD @SoulNYC Founder @MixLuvCollab @MusicMy1stLang Hubby/Dad / #Drummer / Speaker / Writer / Marketing Expert on All American Makers premiering January 2015 on @ScienceChannel

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