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Living Long and Prospering

With the passing recently of Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy, the media was abuzz using the famous line from his character Mr Spock. Part of our pop culture vernacular since the show aired in the 1960’s, ‘Live Long and Prosper’ became his own epitaph.

After seeing the phrase tossed around so much, I got to thinking that it’s actually quite a powerful and simple philosophy for life.

Live Long – being healthy, taking care of yourself and doing your absolute best to squeeze as much out of life as possible.

and Prosper –  doing well, doing good, being a good citizen of the human race, being loved by friends and family, leaving behind a legacy.

Four words that sum up a very well rounded approach to living.

Live Long and Prosper. Isn’t that all we really want from our journey on this planet?

That is, before we boldly go…

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