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Hopelessly devoted to who?

As we all settle into the first few days back to work after the holidays and the sleepy beginnings of 2013, the ideas we all have of what we’ll do different or better this year are still fresh in our minds.

Personally, I want to improve my follow through, to be better at committing to a task or endeavor and seeing it through to completion.

While working on my book, The Rubber Brand, I began an exercise where I made a list of all the great ideas I’ve had for products or businesses, or all the things I wanted to achieve in my life. I went pretty far back into my teenage years. When reviewing this list of “could have beens” it was if someone had punched me in the face. A stinging realization of what is probably my biggest character flaw, I simply do not follow through. Not all the time of course, but in enough instances where “commitment” on my part could have had life altering results.

What does commitment really mean? The definition of commitment when I read it actually surprised me.


1. The act of committing or the state of being committed.
2. Dedication; application
3. the act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself

The 3rd point is the one that struck me the most…

Engaging oneself.

The word commitment being a noun, is an action word. But how often do we see it that way, and how often are we taking action by engaging ourselves?

In social media marketing specifically, the word engagement is thrown about constantly, always in reference to engaging your customers, prospects or audience. No one talks about the engagement required for a person or brand to actually do what they say they will. While It’s easy to talk about it, fulfilling on the promises or leading by example is hard. There’s a lot less of that going on, which is a lack of personal engagement.

So before you can commit to doing a good job for who ever it is you are trying to reach, you have to do a good job for yourself. Be committed to the act, engage yourself in activities that support it. Clean your own house if you will.

Be hopelessly devoted… to you.

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