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Higher Ground

Though we all like to think that we’re doing the right thing in our lives and in our businesses, the results that we often end up with are a glaring indicator that isn’t always the case.

Sure we’ve all become good at fooling ourselves, at finding a way in our minds of polishing the turd that we often present to others. Putting a lousy product in sexy packaging, just puts off the inevitable.

I think of Apple and how much attention to detail is put into the experience of simply buying the product. Theres a certain amount of foreplay involved. The cool advertising that creates the want, as well as the massive cultural acceptance they have. Your relationship with their products begins long before you decide to buy one.

Being in the store is an exciting visceral experience. At busy times, you’re met with a staff member, who will kindly advise you to wait, where to stand and guide you into their space when they’re ready to give you their undivided attention. They use their own products as part of the experience, displaying product information or for transacting the sale.

When you get home to open up any of Apples products, the experience doesn’t end. The packaging feels good in your hands, solid. Inside, the product is always displayed with importance. It is the first thing you see, not buried in styrofoam or paperwork. All of that is secondary to the thing you bought. They work hard to make it seem easy. It’s exciting that you can just pull the product out and hold it, marvel at it’s beauty. You can’t wait to turn it on…and so the love affair continues….

Making the promises is easy.

In that honeymoon stage of our relationships, whether it be in our personal or professional lives, there’s a certain gloss over everything. It affects our thinking, our behaviors. You can be really good at making the sale, but if you can’t deliver or live up to the promises, all you’ve done is create a giant disappointment for those you’ve sold to. That “Got Ya!” moment of let down doesn’t benefit anyone when you really look at it.

How much harder is it to maintain the glow once we’ve made the sale? A little extra planning or care for your craft, more awareness and attention to how you handle the relationship as it develops, is sometimes all it takes. Recognizing that there’s more to be gained from continuing to provide value beyond the “shiny new toyness”, is where you must start.

With the two paths set out before you, you always have the choice.


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