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The length of the average movie shot was at one time 28 seconds long.
In recent years, it should come as no surprise that it’s now near 2 seconds. Our attention spans have been chopped, remixed and edited down to super bite sized nuggets, where anything longer just doesn’t keep us all that interested.

When nearly anyone can have their 15 seconds of fame on YouTube, is it any wonder you can’t even name the last 5 people who won American Idol? I bet you couldn’t name 2. Disposable celebrities are churned out by the dozens, and there’s just too many of them to care anymore.

We are living in what is the most overloaded period of the modern information era. Every one of us is carrying a broadcast studio in our pocket, with the ability to create loads of content on the fly and broadcast it all over the world. It’s astounding really. Yet, what are we doing with it? Uploading pics of cats, cute babies, and your a-hole friends acting like idiots after a night of partying.

We move from one thrill to the next, watching it all flow by. In a world of short attention spans, how do you get and keep someones attention?

Attention is better when it’s earned.  Focusing on a smaller audience who cares, who you can give more attention to, can be more effective than to spray and pray to the widest audience. Chances are the masses are way too distracted to engage with you anyway. But if you can show that small audience you care, that their attention matters, they will give it back to you.

There’s more value there, in both directions.

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