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Fast, Cheap & Good

There’s a saying that goes “Fast, cheap and good… Choose two.”

This can apply for almost any type of service. In my area of design, you actually can now have all three. Sure there’s corners to be cut and loss of originality, but hey it’s better than having nothing at all.

In 2013, there’s really no excuse for not having a website for your company, or for having generic flimsy business cards from Vistaprint with a clip art logo on them.

Design has been commoditized and crowd sourced so that anyone with a few bucks can get decent versions of all these things on the cheap. You can have tons of designers submit logo designs to you on spec via crowdsourcing. Use some free or cheap website tools and with little or no skill required, you are up and running.  Not great, but if you need to get it done, dare I say this, it is likely good enough for now. Making an even small investment in your brand can help you bridge the perception gap.

So if you are on a shoestring budget and willing to roll up your sleeves a little, there’s tons of options available.

Here’s some resources to get you going:


Good luck!

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