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Enough Already

As the umpteenth snowfall of the year is hitting New York this morning, I’m certainly done with this Winter. Though the city tends to recover quicker, where I live on Long Island, there is no relief, and no where to put the snow anymore. We’ve got layer after layer of ice and snow piled up so high, it’s hard to imagine that it will ever melt. I am definitely over it.

If the crappy weather was a metaphor for life, it got me thinking about what our breaking point is. How far do we need to get pushed to actually do something? What finally causes us to take action, and effect real change?

As someone who has battled procrastination and complacency my entire life, for me it is usually an emergency that causes the fire to get lit under my ass. I know I am not alone there. I’m working hard on generating and creating, instead of being reactive.

How many times do we put up with a friend who doesn’t show up for us?

How bad do your finances have to be until you take charge of them?

How miserable and disempowered do you have to be at work, before you actually start to look for a new job? Getting fired or laid off would be the emergency in that case. The rock bottom needed for some to force them into action. Trust me I’ve been there.

Thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you shift your interpretation, rock bottom could be the first broken promise, the first late bill, or first morning you realize you’re just not inspired by what you do. You’re certainly in control of what you are willing to put up with.

So for you, when is enough, really enough?

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