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“Art washes away from the soul, the dust of every day life”
– Picasso

By nature we are collectors. Back to the days of cavemen and hunter gatherers, our survival was based on our ability to seek out what we needed to live and store a little extra for the lean times.

In our world and modern cultures, there is seemingly an abundance of neccessities available to us. Though there are always those without and in deep poverty, for most, we have more than we need. To be clear I am referring to the basics, to the things our furthest ancestors had to seek out, and sometimes to fight and die for.

I had a realization recently that we also are in the habit of collecting things in our lives and our work that are meaningless, that do not serve us other than to simply weigh us down. It might be people; friends, employees or business relationships. It could be possessions, clutter or other useless stuff. It might be thoughts, fears, or some other baggage that exists only in our minds. That type of dust is usually the heaviest and hardest to confront and shake off.

Whatever dust that we collect, we usually are unaware that it’s been gathering. It may manifest itself in many ways. Feeling overwhelmed, or unable to get anything done  is one way that it affects me. The minutiae has a way of building up and I struggle to focus many times. In other ways it is the day to day issues, “the dust of everyday life”, that weighs me down and keeps me from being completely present, growing my business
or communicating better in my relationships.

I’m learning how to recognize it though. That awareness is the first step in being able to brush some of it off. It’s a process. We have to find our own way to deal with it. As Picasso likely meant, whatever it is that you deem your “art” is what ultimately will be what helps you
cleanse it from your soul.

That art is different for all of us. For me it is music; playing it, listening to it, appreciating it. Soon I will go back to writing and recording it, now with daughter, who has found the same joy in creating and performing music that I have. I am also in the early stages of launching an organization called “Music Is My First Language”, that will be working to fund music education for underprivileged kids. For me, wherever music is in my life, it’s a happy place free of dust.

Time to work on clearing out the dust everywhere else. When not kept up with, it accumulates in every corner, piling up day after day till there are mountains of it to tend to.

How about you? Where is the dust in your life? But more importantly, what’s your Art that will wash it away?

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