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Doing Something Right

Raising a 13 year old girl is well… interesting. They go from little girl (see pic from 2006) to young lady right before your eyes. It’s actually really challenging to accept at times, but beautiful nonetheless.  As I am sitting here writing this we are having quite a colorful conversation about what she learned in health class. Trust me you don’t want the details. (dear god please help me.)

As a father, the challenge is getting present to how you parent a young girl. You’re the primary example of what a man is. You have to be firm but loving, and always be ready to bring the fun. I had always been better at the fun and loving part than anything else. As they get into the teen years, you have to really get connected to guiding them and also not getting in their way. Part of growing up is getting to figure some things out for yourself. My wife Tracey has been transforming her relationship with our daughter over the last few months and I’ve been amazed at the results.

As a dad, I definitely lean towards the cool side, or so I’ve been told, and so has she. Much to my amusement and to her annoyance, her friends tell her all the time that “you’re dad is cool, not like my dad”. Maybe it’s the musician thing or the tattoos, or maybe  it that I’m just… cool. Either way, I’ll take it.

I wanted to share some of what she wrote in my birthday card this year:

Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday! I love you so much. I think you go out of your way to annoy me a lot, but I still love you. You ARE a COOL DAD!

I just can’t let you know I think that…

You are honestly a really great Dad and I hope you know I only sass you because I really love you.

Well I will take that as well, and thanks baby girl, I only annoy you because I really love you too.

Whatever we’re doing as parents, we will keep on doing it.

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Susan Shiloni

2015-02-27 17:18:19 Reply

It’s definitely not the tats (lol) maybe the music but for sure you are a very cool very loving connected dad.

Karen Van Houten

2015-02-27 18:12:01 Reply

You are a great blogger…….and, yes, pretty cool, too! Congrats! KVH

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