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Building Muscle

Habits are learned over time. Good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, it takes about 3 months of repetition for an act to become a habit. You have to build the muscle slowly over time. It learns the new activity and eventually will welcome it, not having to think about it, knowing how to seemiling generate the activity on it’s own.

You can apply this idea in many ways, especially in getting used to doing something you normally wouldn’t. Developing new habits can be transformative both personally  and professionally. For myself, writing this blog twice a week is a commitment I chose in order to build my writing muscle.

See, I’ve been talking about writing a book for a long time. It’s been part of my twitter bio, as “future author” for a couple of years. When I speak at conferences my introduction ends with “..in the process of writing his first book.”

Sounds good enough right? In the past I’ve been happy to just say it, and not willing to do the actual work. But now I am. My muscles are flexing a few times a week, and today alone I’ve written three blog posts, this one included.

The writing muscle must be getting stronger. Now if I could just get around to those sit-ups…

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2013-06-25 19:16:51 Reply

The first step’s the hardest!

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