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45 – Shedding Skin

Today I turn 45.

In thinking about what to write today, I went back and read a post I put up 2 years ago on my 43rd birthday.

Emotionally, today I am different. The dreams and intentions are similar, but I’ve shifted in so many ways personally, that it is somewhat like having been reborn with a fresh pair of eyes.

You cannot get to where you are going unless you acknowledge from where it was that you came.

The last 2 years have been full of looking in and looking out. Seeking truth and getting answers, but continuing to inquire. It has not always been easy. A long hard look into the mirror under the cruelest of fluorescent lights, is not be pleasant at first, but there’s a reward to that risk.

I have described this process as shedding skin. You are the same, but different, there is change but it may not always be apparent visually. It is not something that happens once, but it must be a regular practice in order to grow.

Some lyrics that I love from from Tool’s 46 & 2:

My shadow’s Shedding skin and
I’ve been picking Scabs again.
I’m down Digging through
My old muscles Looking for a clue.

I wanna feel the change consume me,
Feel the outside turning in.
I wanna feel the metamorphosis and
Cleansing I’ve endured within

Here’s an excerpt from a wikipedia entry about snakes:

“The moulting of the skin occurs regularly, when old skin is outgrown. In the case of snakes, it is called shedding. While a snake is in the process of shedding the skin over its eye may become milky. This impairs the vision of the snake and as a result most snakes will become more aggressive due to the snake feeling more vulnerable.”

Vulnerable. Like the snake, in order to live and to grow, we must shed our skin and be exposed.

Vulnerable. There’s a feeling we tend to run from, hiding under our beds like children chased by ghosts or worse. It is like kryptonite or silver bullets for most people, and the mere mention of it strikes fear in the hearts of most men.

I have learned it is not weakness, but strength.

Within vulnerability lies great power. Choosing to embrace it and accepting that part of ourselves, is when we truly allow ourselves to experience what we can become.

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James Bavero

2015-01-05 18:54:58 Reply

Very powerful. Love the writing Tommy. Happy Birthday


2015-01-05 20:56:50 Reply

Beautifully stated Tommy. I agree with getting older you need to see where you came from to move forward. I battle some demons from my past to get to what is hopefully a better place and it does make one feel vulnerable…hard to change because you are comfortable with the past but know that the future can be better if you work at it!


2015-01-06 12:24:15 Reply

What a great example of the snake’s eyes getting milky while shedding it’s skin and the comparison to vulnerability. I very much connected to that. It’s sad how we often live our lives in a self imposed prison because we are so afraid to be vulnerable and confront something extremely difficult.
It reminds me of the line in an Eagles song: ‘so often times we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key’

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